Hard as nails game designer 2010 - 2018. Now I run a fictional combat league (as you do). Nobody beats the 83457 and all that.

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(had to make that a gif for ants so it'd play here but anyway)

It was about this time last year I organised a collab and somebody swooped in to steal first (appropriately enough considering go karts). Fucking Pingus!!

Only joking, I'm not actually mad about it. I didn't actually mean all the stuff I said about Nintendo fans last time.

Also published the final PPK between Damian and Chutney so we never have to see them fight again.

Onto the Patreon fights-

One on One (OoO) #6 - Damey (@53xy83457) vs Chutney Glaze (@ChutneyGlaze)

(god dammit)

Long version- https://youtu.be/-kGjvdxnvKA

For the rumble, I did something for this month's Ko-fi Challenge.

#Short version - https://youtube.com/shorts/BtLzxjDbNq8

Now you might be thinking, this isn't really a good way to ingratiate one's self to the judges.

Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/53xy83457

Ko-fi- https://ko-fi.com/53xy83457

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVOL33d67QeHfYix2Ro9j4A/join

Here are your titularly mandated shout-outs for this evening.


Gob by @Nakvi

<<<<< I'm a goblin girl now! Mainly because a couple of people drew her but also I AM A FUCKING GOBLIN!! Not a cute one, the type that stays in his cave all day. By "cave" I mean "in front of computer" but there's enough shit growing on the walls in here that it might as well be!


Gob by @Daysdove

Click the link, she spins!!

Speaking of, Chapter 2 (or most of it) of Forever Sophie is out if you want to visit Penny outside the rumbles.


What's she up to this time, going to burn the sky down? What a rascal.


Gob by @colorsCrimsonTears

Excerpt from my review: "I appreciate the extra details in the background. I mainly appreciate the cute green lady in her underwear."


Damian, RoboJesus and The Beast (& some others, whatever) by @PrincessElis

Nice of SOMEBODY to do some of my characters for Pico Day instead of the same old ones for the past twenty five years... Anyway, here's mine, I did Pico and Tankman.


Helena Gaultier by @goljie

Nothing against French ladies (quite the opposite, the accent alone is enough to...

AS I WAS SAYING, I basically commissioned Helena here to get her out of the way so we could move on to the bunny girls but it ended up being one of my favourites from @goljie.


Helena Gaultier by @Nakvi

Here's Nakvi's as well, she always seems to turn out looking really adorable. She's fast becoming my favourite after all (joint first with thirty other favourites).

Aside from the obvious, here're the collabs I was in this past few weeks.

Ghost Collab by @Creeperforce24 (and one or two others)

Here's my ghost-


To quote someone who unfortunately seems to have deleted their account-

"That's a great big cock but also a great ghost."


Dragon Raid Collab by @OnceHere (and a few others)

I contributed Damian again and Betty in her Karate costume.

Funny enough, noticed this on Twitter the other day.



But if we get into people's characters that kind of look like mine, or God forbid COINCIDENCES again, we'll be here all day.

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More here-


Latest Art


Collaboration Opportunity

Show me your old Flash characters

Hello. I run battle royal simulations.

It struck me that there are probably still a few people here who created a beat 'em up game, or the like, in Flash over the past... twenty years. It would be pretty easy for me to program these old characters to beat the shit out of each other. Give them another taste of their former glory instead of lying forgotten in a coffin-like hard drive somewhere.

Alternatively, if (this goes tits up and) you think you can match the above art style, you could design your own character for the main rumbles. I can even provide some templates to make your job easier. This comes with it's own set of challenges though, pm me for details on that.

Either way, you might get a present in return. Should be obvious by the above videos but I don't want to promise it outright since I won't be the one doing it. (If I knew how to draw, we wouldn't need this post in the first place.)

For a non-flash alternative (or if you just can't be arsed with all that), I'd also be more than happy to assign you a representative in return for a background. Details on that here- https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1524979#bbspost27855986_post_text


Commissions Open (sort of)

Chicken - $1


NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boss Chicken - $10 (limited)

You get to take part in a turn-based fight to the death against the comment section.

Sponsor a Cock Fight (not like that) - $1 (limited)

SAL will give you a shout-out, including an additional sentence to promote whatever you'd like, at the start of that video's fight summary. She can also display your profile picture, company logo, etc.


Ultra Lad - $2


Chicken GIF (surprise) - $3.50


Ultra Lad GIF (surprise) - $5


Chicken GIF (custom) - $7.50 +$1 per additional chicken (unless it's just a generic one for a punching bag)


Ultra Lad GIF (custom) - $10 +$2 per additional Ultra Lad (dummy is free)


GIFs limited to 10 seconds.

Payment accepted through Paypal or Ko-fi.

Best PM me first til I see if it's feasible with the 5-10 pixels at my disposal.

Here are a few more compiled examples-

Later ones will appear here with the more interesting ones going here.


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